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It was 7am on the morning of 9/12/ 2001 as the C-141C Starlifter descended over the  battlefields of Princeton, Paoli,  and Valley Forge, and crossed the Delaware on it's way to McGuire Air Force Base. Battlefields that Brodheads would fight along side George Washington  during the revolution. 

 One of only a handful of military aircraft in the sky that day, the Aircraft had flown from "Sea to shining sea" without hearing one radio call from another aircraft. The Starlifter had taken off from March AFB, California at 11PM on 9/11/2001. We were hauling FEMA assets, and rescue dogs which were bound for New York.

As the dawn settled across the Eastern seaboard,  the C-141C crew could see the smoke from the collapsed twin towers from 35,000 feet and over a 100 miles away, the sun burning brightly in the back ground.

on August 27th,  1664, at basically this same location on  Manhattan, my Great plus Grandfather, Captain Daniel Brodhead I ,  "Second in Command of the Nichols Expedition," would disembark from British “Man-O-Wars”  along with 500 British troops, and force the surrender of New Amsterdam.

 New Amsterdam would be renamed New York and English speaking rule established.

On the night of August 26th and morning of August 27th ,1776, within blocks of this same location, my Great plus Granduncle Colonel Daniel Brodhead III,  would defend George Washington’s midnight retreat across the East river after his defeat at the “Battle of Long Island!”  Daniel's son Ensign would be captured, and die from wounds sustained during the battle. Daniel's Brother Luke would be musketed , captured, and spend several months in a disease ridden British prison ship on the Hudson.

The Brodhead brothers would later join their “Band of Brothers” at “Valley Forge” and  “Take the oath of Allegiance “to America. 

While In the presence of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, a ragtag army, and several of the original signers of the “Constitution”, the Brodhead brothers would share fire, and inoculate themselves against “Small Pox” with the open sore fluid of dying Pennsylvania patriots.  Daniel Brodhead would become one of George Washington's generals, a dear friend, and commander of the Western department. Luke Brodhead  would be on Marques De lafayette's staff and help him learn english. He woud be wounded several more times.  

During the Mexican American War, Thornton Fleming Brodhead would fight in the 15th infantry under the command of Franklin Pierce at the battles of Contreras, Churubusco, and Chapultepec. He along with Lee, Grant, Jackson, Longstreet, Pickett and other American civila war generals  would be present as they hung the "San Patricios" and hoisted the American flag over the Chapultepec castle.
In 1861, Thornton F. Brodhead would raise the First Michigan cavalry at the personal request of Abraham Lincoln. He and his Wolverines would be among the first to come to the defense of Washington DC. In August of 1862, Col. Brodhead would command the Verdiersville raid and almost capture Jeb Stuart. Instead they took Jeb Stuart's  cavalier hat and purple overcoat as war prizes. He would also capture a dispatch between Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson detailing the entrapment of Pope's Army between the Rappahannock and the Rapidan.

Thorton F. Brodhead would be shot by Jeb Stuart's men at Bullrun creek during the 2nd battle of Manassas. Stuart's men would  field strip him of  his horse, saddle, boots, sword and pistols. Brodhead would be brevetted to general on his death bed. George Armstrong Custer would take command of the 1st Michigan later that year. The Michigan Cavalry Brigade would avenge Brodhead's death at the "Battle of Yellow Tavern,"  when Wolverine  Sgt. Huff put  pistol lead into Stuart.

Brodheads have  always been first. We were the first to establish english speaking rule in the New World.  We were first to rise against British tyranny. We were the first delegates to the 1st Continental Congress. We were the first to join the 1st American Rifle regiment. We were first among the "Founding fathers!" We would have been the first to get the  British hangman's noose.  Now Brodheads seek to put our children's futures first!

Brodheads  have served in both chambers of Congress . We would pass legislation that funded the Mexican/American war. We would pass legislation that created the Washington Territory, the Oregon Territory, and the Transcontinental Railroad and telegraph. We would also pass legislation that provided 460 acre land grants to Oregon and Washintonian pioneers. In addition, we passed funding for the Capitol building extension which built the East, and West wings, Capitol Dome, and Congressional library. The list goes on and on.

Stephan would run for congress in Oregon. A few years later, he would find that his great uncle senator Richard H. Brodhead had cosigned legislation that created the Oregon Territory. In 2012, Stephan would run for congress in Washington state. Senator Richard H. Brodhead had also cosigned legislation that created the Washington territory.  Mr. Brodhead would buy property in Pierce county. Thorton Flemming Brodhead had served with Franklin Pierce in Mexico, while John Brodhead had held a seat in the U.S. Congress for New Hampshire before Franklin Pierce.  The next weird coincidence is finding that the road in and around Fernhill business district were previous military roads which were built by bills and legislation cosigned by Senator Richard H. Brodhead. Stephan's shop sets on this road. None of these things were known to Stephan Brodhead ahead of time. On August 27th 2014, Brodheads will have lived in America for 350 years. 

Through out the history of the American dream, Brodheads have fought for this nation. We  fought for English speaking rule, independence, Manifest Destiny, and Emancipation. Now we fight to preserve the American dream for our children...

Stephan Brodhead's resume:


Industrial Science                                                                Colorado State University
Flight Engineering                                                                Community College of the Air Force
Aircraft Maintenance Technology                                     Community College of the Air Force


Federal Aviation Administration                                         Flight Engineer Turbo jet Powered
Federal Aviation Administration                                          Airframe and Powerplant License



Boeing Manufacturing Engineer                                         Acft. types B737, B757, E-3A, E6B  

Acft. Technician
United States Air Force and Air Force Reserves                Acft. types  B-52G, B-52H, KC-135A, KC-10A, C-130, C-141B  

Flight Engineer                
United States Air Force Reserves                                         Acft. types C-141B, C-141C  4200 flying hours 

Stephan's father and uncle both served over 20 years in the Strategic Air Command.

Milton Brodhead, Stephan's father  would serve in the Strategic Air Command's 1st Combat Evaluation group as a radar technician. He also performed a tour in the "Agent Orange" contaminated jungles of Vietnam.  These were the folks that directed B-52 precison bomb strikes at the "Siege of Khe Sanh.    

Douglas Brodhead would serve as a pilot in the Strategic Air Command. He would fly the B-17, B-29, KC-97, KC-135A, and B-52.  He was also the Squadron Security  officer during "Operation Chromedome!"  Their mission was to fly the B-52 loaded with Nukes  during the "Cold War".  

Stephan served in SAC for 4 years as a B-52 G/H aircraft technician . The rest of his military career was spent in MAC and the Air Mobility Command  "Reserves"  as a C-141B/C Flight Engineer.  He would fly worldwide in support of our national interest and be activated for Iraq.  

During the Iraq war Stephan would fly 100 combat related sorties and dozens of medivacs  from Iraq to Germany and Washington DC

From 1989 to 2006, he was involved in pretty much every conflict that the U.S. Air Force was involved with.

Being legacy Air Force, the first words out of his mouth as an infant were, "googoo gaga air power" 

Currently Stephan lives off of residential rental property and also owns a small vehicle repair  shop....